Belinda’s residency at Berkeley Castle


We were absolutely delighted when Belinda approached us in 2016 to ask if we would give consideration to her becoming our artist in residence this year; she comes highly recommended from her previous residency at Sudeley Castle. 

Belinda came along to some of our events last year and her creative juices certainly started to flow, examples of her work can be seen on this page.  

She will be in attendance on Wednesdays most weeks throughout the coming season, stop and have a chat with her and find out what has inspired her here at the Castle.   

We’re also hoping to stock some of her beautiful bespoke works of art in our gift shop.


A message from our new Artist in Residence – Belinda Durrant


I have always had a vivid imagination. As a child I lived in a world of make-believe and fairy tale. Fairy tale often confronts the dark and unpleasant but this never put me off. There was a sort of romantic excitement in it.

I still have a yearning for the romance of fairy tale, but my imaginings are now strengthened by experience and knowledge.

Science, history, social history, literature and folklore all become entangled with and inform the imagery of my work.

I am very much looking forward to my Residency at Berkeley Castle.

Berkeley Castle is bursting with the romantic beauty of a fairy tale and yet it is no fairy tale castle.

Its history goes back over 1000 years.

The actions of some of the Lords of Berkeley, the custodians of the Castle were pivotal in the history of this country.

Just think of all the stories it has to tell; stories from a far away time.

Many we know to be fact but some have perhaps become a little ‘embellished’.

It was bound to happen I suppose, through the Chinese whispers of time.

I am intrigued by the strange mixture of fact and fiction in some of the stories. It adds another dimension somehow and I am looking forward to delving into this.

I am a scientist as well as an artist, and I feel a need for the truth, but I am not going to let historical fact get in the way of my enjoyment of any romantic embellishments.

There is something else to remember too. Berkeley Castle is also a home and like all family homes, it holds family stories: stories of happiness, sadness, family feuds, bravery and the spirit of adventure.

I visited the Castle several times during the 2016 season, and each time I was carried along by its atmosphere.

I came to a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the Castle grounds…the most perfect setting for that play. It was, after all, written for a Berkeley wedding. How much more romantic can you get?

In contrast, there was the spooky fun of Halloween week, with owls flying in the great hall and medieval spells and potions in the beer cellar.

And then there is the Butterfly House, with its tropical butterflies, tiny quail and diamond doves…and it is full of budding young naturalists in the summer.

So many contrasts, so much inspiration...